About Periculum Group


Company Overview

The Periculum Group has, over the last decade, built up an impeccable reputation as a real estate group – specialising in creating wealth for its investors through real estate development. Periculum negates the risk involved in real estate development by staying rooted in our core principles: Honesty, Transparency and Planning.

Our core business is to identify and capitalise on profitable property development opportunities. The group consists of the founding company, Periculum Property Investments (Pty) Ltd, and several holding companies – one registered for each new project.

Our name Periculum Property Investments (Pty) Ltd is derived from Latin, meaning risk free real estate investment. One of the most important principles of Periculum, is to continuously find innovative ways to minimise risk for investors. This is done by a variety of safe guards.

Periculum group only does one project per registered company. This not only takes away spill over risk between projects, but allows our investors to choose exactly which projects they want to invest in. We also lower risk by reducing investment capital needed per project with good financial planning, innovative project cost structures and collective investment.

The Periculum Group does detailed risk analyses to ensure that projects are only taken on in areas where the demand for real estate is higher than the supply thereof. This ensures safer investments and maximum capital growth for investors and the company.

The Periculum Group is well equipped and experienced to manage the strategy, finances and operations of real estate developments from start to finish.